Sharper Image – Prelude to The S. Word


DIGITAL BOOKLET for Sharper Image


Sharper Image is the prelude to the S. Word, an album Chris Treborn plans on releasing in 2016.

The inspiration for these projects comes from a 2015 Merica, sermons by Timothy Keller, and Hebrews 4:12-13.

Chris Treborn of AnchorMEN is working on defining a Sharper Image within the human heart as he divides misconceptions from absolute truths, by trimming the fat and gristle from the whole cuts of meat.

“It is our nature to seek our identity in the praise of others and in the praise of self. But the praise doesn’t last, and we are never satisfied. God has provided, through Jesus’ death, a new identity to all who know him. This new identity is built on Jesus’ performance rather than on our own; we receive the praise that He deserved. The more we know God, the more our new identity is strengthened and our old identity dies away.”



released 17 July 2015

Lyrics and vocals written, produced, and recorded by Chris Treborn at Swan Island Studios in Portland, Oregon.
Music and instrumentals written, composed and produced by Sinima Beats.
Mixed by Jayden Treborn at Soul Anchor Music Studios in Salem, Oregon.



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