Single for Sensei


Inspired by G-Eazy and maybe some Karate Kid, this S. Word Single attacks critics and sweeps the leg of the competition. My goal is to show no mercy with this track, just like Sensei taught me. Give me a beat, and I will put him in a body bag.



Swing it ninja swing it ninja swing it
Apples getting tossed (like a fruit salad) Sensei’s gonna bring it
Y’all slippin tryna hang (loose) like a banana hammock
I’m laughing like Gallagher (as I smash it) I can’t stand it
Ninjas doing backflips backflips backflips
Anchormen don’t sink ships we think quick
Yall delinquent not hesitant with them loose lips
Orange you glad I’m not offering grey goose tips
If no man is an island who ya gonna hang loose with?
Yall a nuisance with your prejudiced nooses
Id rather slip, not round ya clowns here’s my two cents
Pictures worth a 1000 words I’m painting you cabooses
Yall frontin right now but will end up in the end again
Sorry my friend too many frenemies tryna begin again
101 under the son but sill I’m feelin so cool
Yall can’t steal my honey like Winnie the pooh
You jerks can’t jerk me want beef like jerky
Yall can’t hurt me I’m retired like James I’m worthy
Yall just idols in America small i – two l’s
Yall aren’t real gods just a small g oh well
College kids think I’m narrow minded
I’m not a sparrow blinded
You belong on tv like what’s his name I dont know
Preaching from the bible but not preaching the bible
It’s not a game it’s a revival
Forget the fame it’s survival
Money got you funny as for me I’ve been frank
Your ego will cash out when you invest in banks
Ask Tyra or Elizabeth they know egonomics
If we can’t stomach the truth then we go vomit
But still you’re pumped up like you’re drawing water
You’re a haughty no father so who you calling hotter
You would be so blessed if you only you obeyed
But you’re found in distress all to my dismay
So where do you begin can you ascend before you descend
Once you prune the grapevine and circumcise the sin
Tell me whose face you seek when you look in the mirror
Oh dear, aren’t you aware that you are an image bearer
So why don’t you reflect the sun with respect
you’re more than an evolved speck all hands on deck
You’re beauty can be radiant like standing in a sunny room
Again reflect the son you’re the bride awaiting the honeymoon
My friend life is doomed if we aren’t born again
Not in the womb but in the living water we are cleansed



released 25 September 2015
Chris Treborn



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