Single for Sects



Pastor Anthony gives us a spiritual, physical, and mental check up. We cannot compartmentalize our mind, body, and soul because they all bleed into one another and infect each other. Don’t forget our bodies matter, which is why GOD made Adam out of matter.


Listen to sermon:



Compartmentalized plates don’t touch one another
Must remain in order and be organized together
We live our lives this way it’s our emotional soulful side
This is my spiritual side this is my physical side
Separate the sacred from the secular things
We live our lives as a quasi Christian cult – of all things
Gnosticism existed yet it still seems to exist today
Every physical thing is evil in each and every way
Asceticism comes from this like a spare ritual
Everything spiritual is good and everything good is spiritual
If it’s evil and sinful I will over indulge in everything I do
Flesh is flesh and spirit is spirit so God is cool
We elevate spiritual things and belittle physical emotional things
Sacred is sacred all else is meh we control all things
Gotta categorize and compartmentalize
Gotta talk about sex which is spiritual guys
No friend with benefits no one night stands
United physical and you’re also United within
Spiritually United and body impacts the soul
Soul impacts the body and body impacts the soul
We are triune beings of body soul and spirit
Created in the image and likeness of God inherit
Worship through the spirit in spirit and truth
Deeper the flesh the sturdier the roots
Sci fi wise when we die we can still liv
Our soul and spirit live on which is why we give
More than our bodies knowing life after death
Resurrected bodies live forever so step
Luke 10:27 is the commandment we find
Love God with heart soul strength and mind
And love your neighbor as yourself fam
This is the three cord bond in which we stand
If our soul prospers so should our body and spirit
This makes us uniquely human please won’t you hear it
Salvation is a freely given gift of grace from Jesus
Takes no work yet takes effort to live in freedom cause he freed us
Gotta live it out and work it out daily
Ask James he know what’s up then maybe
You will too know that by your fruit you are know
If you prosper in Christ and are connected then know
What fruit is our physical body bearing making us known
As followers of Jesus as we walk this town alone
Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the words of Christ
We declare the gospel through our words as well as our life
You can declare the good news with your bodies as well
Beyond tattoos and piercings and clothing we tell
Our bodies are walking billboards of what’s going on with us
Not to mention within us therefore we must trust
If our soul is prospering if our soul is healthy
If our spirit is healthy then you ought to be
Able to see if in your body so true
How will you show the outside what’s living within you
See it in your smile so if you’re happy and you know it
You know by the expressions on your face so show it
You can see it in the eyes and through the soul
Prosper with the spring in your step what’s the goal
Sparkle in your eye but do you feel uncomfortable
1st America 3:8 says following God will make me comfortable
Our bodies matter to God and since they matter to him
They should matter to us as well matter matters and wins
Wonderfully and fearfully made knitted together in the womb
Calipers show how much we can set an example until the tomb
We weren’t spoken into existence we were made out of matter
From the dust an Adam was formed because matter does matter
The problem we have is a spiritual problem
And it’s because we have a body problem
It’s time we stopped being apathetic about it well
Start living more than necessary when it comes to our health
What we do with our body infects our soul
It will always bleed out into the other. Whoa!
Vital health will grow to tell with prosperity
But we gotta live strong live more than necessary
It’s a soul thing no matter what the problem is your problem
If you think it’s a fat problem it could still be a skinny problem
You can’t prosper unless your soul prospers ask doctors
But you’ll never prosper to the fullest unless your health prospers
Whether fit or thin it’s all about health that’s the problem really
You can’t lead people unless you can lead them physically
Literally and figuratively you gotta work your butt off children
Get beyond the desired level with diligence and discipline
what is it that you need to do to conquer yourself
What is it that you need to do to Doctor your health
We are new creations and creations new are we
I pray you will open your eyes look in the mirror and see
Band aides are not solutions to do what you do
Find ways to make your soul prosper first too
You’re saved for works and purpose figure it out
Give God permission to work on every part of your doubt
Who do you trust as your comforter and idolize
Do you worship food or sex or do you worship Christ
Do you walk in power freedom and grace well then I suggest
Let’s choose to stop making excuses and start making progress
Matthew 6:21 says where your treasure is
There your heart will be also kids
You’ll start feeling better once you start doing better
Live comfy or die drowning in his grace dying wetter
Loving better is cleaver as living sacrifices it’s odd
But we are to sacrifice and how we live is how we worship God
1 Corinthians 10:32 whether you eat or drink
Whatever you do, please do to the glory of God just think
6:19,20 says our body is a temple of Holy Spirit within us
We are not our own for we were bought with a price plus
We must glorify God in our body oddly we coddle us
Let go of yourself and let God lead and guide he we can trust
We can sympathize in our own sins but you are enough
We have no spirit of fear but of self control and love
It’s the fruit of the spirit so pray we can hear it
Don’t your hear it it’s the fruit of the spirit so bear it
So let go my soul and trust in him


released November 5, 2015

Sermon: Anthony Trask
Music: Chris Treborn



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