Single for Sabbatical

It’s been awhile since Chris Treborn has dropped a single for The S-Word.



Some might call it radical
I might call it a sabbatical
not to get religious with you
but this is my own point of view
What did you do for fun
since the winter season begun
splinter on trees have won
but I’ve been carrying this log along
Sorry for the lack of songs
I no longer lack 2 sons
I have been hold it down
with my AnchorFAM around town
No time to clown around
no hide and seek lost and found
trying to walk in these shoes
but if the shoe fits its not news
Cloudy days but no blues
same game but different rules
tons of knowledge but all fools
lacking wisdom we need some tools
Sorry for my lack of passion
not many have been asking
but I don’t put it past them
I still have music and lyrics to grab them
Get your attention oh did I mention
I’ve been focused on the family
like Jim Daly I got vision
I need to be a better me
Better husband and father
better lover and brother
better friend and comrade
better emcee with a bomb rap
Never did I lack lyrics
never did I lack spirit
never did I lack music
I just haven’t had to use it
Why would I lose it
I win when I choose it
No need to abuse this
Y’all need this to groove with
I need to get back on a smooth tip
time to take you on a new trip
I hope you are cool with
riding shotgun in my blue whip


released January 22, 2016
Chris Treborn

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