Single for Simplicity


The future of simplified living. It’s about the seasons of fall/winter & the depression it brings. Can this really be our future?



Let me take you to a place
where the heroes don’t wear masks
Let me take you to a land
where the milk and honey lasts
You spending time like money’s fast
big hand sees the little hand
Do you not understand
that on the high horse is the little man
Someone like Napoleon
losing my religion searching for peace
But no peace found when
you don’t have a piece losing your teeth
Rotten to the core,
sorry but your faith is deceased
May it rest in peace
as your walking dead corpse roams the streets
Your mind sounds so simple
but that’s not the case
We must face disgrace
if we replace doubts with faith
Just ask grace & Luke
they know what to do when it’s time
A simplified life
leaves a complicated system behind.
It’s s system of a down
so we rage against the machine
Looking for sublime nirvana in September
& November smashing pumpkins
They don’t call it the fall season for nothing
yet we harvest something
This is he legends of fall
Don’t you hear from where the wolves call
Simplicity. Not a simple city.
Unplugged reconnected
with the source of eternity.
Just me and my wifi.
Tether together no matter the weather. Something like my ride or die.
This is why I comply and don’t lie.
Why try. Can’t deny
my pride prevents my stride.
Looking like a bozo
but if the shoe fits
Stop clowning around
don’t be a nuisance
Someone like Dennis
Nothing but a menace
Knew you’d be back in time
like Marty McFly
Eventually all will see
That we sail the seas as we please
Sorry for the tease
But time turns to temptation please
More like a disease
If only we were free
But I thought we were
Looks like we’re still at war
Stuck in sin city
No luck for simplicity
No more diversity
Jumbo pots show no pity
No minority report we see
The future is crystal clear like Pepsi+++


releases January 29, 2016
Chris Treborn

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